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+ Management Contracting

In Management Contracting, project teams assume responsibility for delivering results and combine their individual expertise to focus on and to ensure the Client's expectations are met and, where possible, exceeded.

Management Contracting focuses on bridging the void between the segregated design and construction phases associated with the traditional method of procurement. This is achieved by appointing a construction professional with contracting experience to the project team to ensure the maximum integration between design and construction.

The advantages of Management Contracting are as follows:

  • Reduction in programme/earlier handover.
  • Better value for money.
  • Flexibility in absorbing design changes during the construction period.
  • It brings together a team who are chosen for their professional abilities and will act together in the Client's best interest from inception to completion of the project.

Management Contracting brings together the two processes of design and construction, which formerly were carried out by separate organizations, by introducing building skills into the design team at the feasibility stages of a project. This leads to an effort by all sides to improve cooperation and unification of the building team and to encourage a team spirit to meet the ever increasing demands of the Client in respect of quality, time and cost.

Management Contracting helps the industry to meet the challenges posed by modern technology and the increasing complexity of modern building installations.

+ Construction Management

Construction Management is geared specifically to dealing with the challenges that are inherent to complex, fast track and high quality projects. The Client will be able to retain the services of both construction professionals and specialist contractors directly who will oversee the coordination between the design and construction phases of the Project.

The professional construction team retains control of all activities on site.

  • Direct communication between the trade contractors, suppliers and the professional construction team, allowing the Client an opportunity to make informed decisions on matters of cost, programme and quality.
  • Quality of workmanship is determined at the 'work-face', ensuring that both the designer's and the Client's quality concerns and requirements are met.
  • Phased release of information ensuring the consultant team produce critical information in the most logical manner.
  • Increased input on buildability and specification by the Construction Manager by harnessing the input of specialist contractors, enhancing the designer's ability to iron out problems before the construction starts on site and reducing the possibility of claims and delays to the programme.
  • Flexibility in dealing with changes in design to ensure smooth integration, minimal disruption and correctness.
  • Best practice project control system to improve communication and reduce loss of production time.
  • Direct involvement between the Client, consultant team and specialist contractors.

As professional Construction Managers, we consider ourselves an extension of the Client's project management team. Our interests match with that of the Client in every way, and we aim to ensure those activities on site achieve the Client's entire requirement in terms of cost, quality and programme.

+ Project Management

In Management ContractinProject Management offers the Client a specialist service to manage the procurement and the construction process on their behalf having recognized their own limitations in the construction process.g, project teams assume responsibility for delivering results and combine their individual expertise to focus on and to ensure the Client's expectations are met and, where possible, exceeded.

Project Management offers an effective service involving the overall planning, coordination and control of a project from inception to completion aimed at meeting a Client's requirements in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project that will be completed on time within authorized cost and to the required quality standards.

The Project Manager, through the appointment of specialists consultants agreed by the Client, will be responsible for directing and coordinating human and material resources throughout the life of a project by using modern management techniques to achieve a specific set of objectives and constraints such as scope, cost, time and quality.

Specifically, Project Management in construction encompasses a set of objectives which may be accomplished by implementing a series of operations subject to resource constraints. There are potential conflicts between the stated objectives with regard to scope, cost, time and quality, and the constraints imposed on human material and financial resources. These conflicts should be resolved at the onset of a project by making the necessary tradeoffs or creating new alternatives. Subsequently, the functions of Project Management for construction generally include the following:

  • Specification of project objectives and plans including delineation of scope, budgeting, scheduling, setting performance requirements and selecting project participants.
  • Maximization of efficient resource utilisation through procurement of labour, materials and equipment according to the prescribed schedule and plan.
  • Implementation of various operations through proper coordination and control of planning, design, estimating, contracting and construction in the entire process.
  • Development of effective communications and mechanisms for resolving
+ Main Contracting

Main Contracting – By taking on a contract as the Main Contractor and entering into a contract directly with our prestigious Client, Projexasia's management and technical staff, who are highly experienced and dedicated to the contracting works, will make sure that all functional aspects including tendering/pricing, procurement, cost control, site management and overall project co-ordination are all programmed under our cohesive Project Control System to deliver a comprehensive, cost-effective and efficient project management and customer satisfaction.

In order to keep costs low, we have established an excellent working relationship with numerous sub-contractors for a wide variety of specialist trades. With the provision of commercial, technical and co-ordination support to our sub-contractors, we are able to maintain a highly coordinated and efficient work team, thus guaranteeing a high standard of services to our clients. All subcontractors and suppliers working for Projexasia have to pass a rigorous review and selection process, before they are included on our approved contractor list.

+ Sub-Contracting

Sub-Contracting – By taking on a contract as a Sub-Contractor and entering into a contract with the Main/Principal Contractor, we undertake all or any part of the construction works that the Main/Principal Contractor has contracted with the Client to perform.

As a Sub-Contractor, Projexasia's management and site teams are close to the actions on site, while paying more attention to details on a day-to-day basis. The teams are highly experienced and dedicated to the contracting works. And with this, we are able to offer a full range of site management skills, enabling us to build up and maintain a strong and co-operative relationship with the Main/Principal Contractor.

+ Design Management

On building projects with many specialist consultants, it takes time and effort to be a client! For companies and individuals who need or prefer to concentrate on other things, Projexasia are experienced in interpreting objectives, assembling a team and co-ordinating design to ensure appropriate balance of quality, cost and programme.

We do not cut corners. Professional safeguards are maintained. Nor do we complicate the process. By providing information and facilitating co-ordination between consultants we enable them do their best work with minimal interference. Our understanding of sourcing, skills, costs, programme and buildability can however help avoid duplication, redundancy or confrontation in the tendering and construction processes.

+ Fit - out

Fit - out is the construction which mediates between the shell of a building designed to generic standards and the specific requirements of the occupier. Sometimes the discrepancy is small and we need only identify suitable tradesmen. At other times there is need for space planning, interior design, specialist consultancy, construction skills or sourcing. Whatever it takes, Projexasia have the resources and the experience to ensure an interior environment appropriate to the client's aspirations.

+ Design & Build

When requested, Projexasia act as lead contractors for Design & Build contracts. This has advantages where speed is paramount: It is quicker to obtain an overall price. Responsibility rests with us, so misunderstandings on the delivery side can be avoided or quickly resolved. It is sometimes possible to shorten overall programme by overlapping otherwise sequential work stages and by earlier consultation between designers and builders.

While tripartite contractual arrangements provide refinement of control for clients who understand them, Design & Build offers a simpler, one-stop solution.

+ Maintenance & Renovation

All buildings require ongoing Maintenance and occasional Renovation. In Hong Kong, the buildings of the high-rise development boom will need particular expertise to sustain their usefulness as they age.

Some companies are willing to acquire this expertise themselves. For others who do not, Projexasia offer Maintenance contracts, including regular inspection for fixed fees and 24/ 7 service on competitive, cost plus basis. With the sophistication and complexity of modern buildings and services, our expertise is also attractive to busy homeowners.

Renovation is a specialist field, overlapping both maintenance and design. Do soiled finishes need to be replaced? We know the techniques available, we understand client aspirations and we have the resources to implement cost effective renovation to maintain or upgrade building quality.

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