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Quality Management

Projexasia endeavors to create a good team spirit so that the staff and our partners will provide the best quality service to customers from their expertise. Besides, the Company always adopts the latest technology and management processes to enable prompt reaction to customers' needs at significantly lower costs.

Our employees and partners share the same mission to provide the best quality service to our customers and they have the same belief in continuous improvement and total customer satisfaction. Our commitment to providing a quality environment for clients so as to exceed their expectations stems from building a close relationship with them. The efforts have helped Projexasia obtaining The International Property Award in 2013

  • Project Quality Plan and Objectives

In order to achieve the quality standards, Projexasia will implement a Project Quality Plan based on Employer's brief, design, details, specifications and contract requirements. The quality objectives are also used as appropriate to the nature of work, in order to monitor the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System and express the commitment to continual improvement.

  • Integrated Management System

Our comprehensive integrated management systems plays an important role to the corporate sustainable development and we are committed to providing quality construction management services to enhance the value of our customers' property. Our corporate quality management system certified to comply with the ISO 9001 international standard.