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Health & Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Projexasia Limited (PXA) regards health and safety as a matter of high priority and concerns at all times in such a manner as to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all its employees and all persons likely to be affected by its operations, including contractors, subcontractors and the public where appropriate.
In drawing up this policy, the Managing Director is committed to:

  • manage health and safety as an integral part of work processes and activities.
  • comply with the relevant health and safety legislation and codes of practice.
  • consider health and safety as important as any other function.
  • seek continual improvement in health and safety performance.

To this end, Projexasia will strive to achieve a successful health and safety management system through the implementation of the 14 essential elements stipulated under the F&IU (Safety Management) Regulation and the requirements of ISO 45001 Safety Management System. The major actions are:

  • establishing a Committee chaired by the Managing Director to provide guidance and directives on all health and safety matters.
  • allocating health and safety responsibilities to all levels of staff in Projexasia.
  • training and supervising staff to ensure they act with due consideration for health and safety.
  • enhancing communication and consultation on health and safety with all employees, subcontractors, suppliers and interested parties and ensuring relevant information is accessible to the public.
  • assessing and regularly reviewing our management system so as to minimize the risk to all persons from all operations.
  • establishing operating procedures and controls to safeguard the health and safety of all persons involved including the general public.
  • requiring works contractors and suppliers to meet the same standards of health and safety as Projexasia itself.
  • auditing the system and reviewing health and safety performance to look for further improvement.

Our policy is to secure the co-operation of all concerned to achieve the highest possible standards in all aspects of health and safety at work, which will be subject to a periodic review via consultation with employees. To this end, we aim to achieve a target of zero accident frequency rate.