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Sustainability Policy

Projexasia Limited is committed to the sustainable development of Hong Kong. We will explore and ensure the responsible management of social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainable business opportunities.

We will:

  • Comply with all relevant laws regarding sustainability issues; in the absence of legislation, we will seek out and observe appropriate best international practice.
  • Regularly review our business to identify sustainability issues, set performance goals and monitor and publish our performance, so as to improve continuously our performance.
  • Conduct appropriate assessments including Environmental Impact Assessments and broad stakeholder engagement programmes for new projects, where required by law, and suggested by best practice, and implement the recommendations.
  • Train and encourage our workforce and subcontractors and suppliers to implement Projexasia recommendations to achieve sustainability, and to adopt sustainably acceptable practices in the products and services provided.
  • Educate and train staff and workers in sustainability matters and raise their awareness of sustainable development.
  • Increase appreciation amongst our clients, legislators, opinion makers and the general community for the sustainable benefits of all.
  • Devise, implement and continuously monitor company wide management systems for implementing sustainability strategy.