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Programme Monitoring

Request for Information and Schedule of Outstanding Information
If queries or discrepancies are identified, Projexasia will closely liaise with the relevant team member to resolve the issue and ensure that delays in receipt of the information does not impact the overall programme.

Shop Drawings
A Shop Drawing Submission Register will be prepared and regularly monitored. Projexasia will ensure an efficient system for the shop drawing approval process is implemented.

Material/Plant/Equipment Delivering Schedule
A Material/Equipment Submission Schedule will be prepared by the relevant Works Contractor in order that Projexasia can monitor the sample/equipment submission, approval, ordering and delivery status. This schedule will be reviewed regularly to ensure compliance.

Project Control Document
Apart from the Employer's and consultants' requirements on general project control, Projexasia will develop our standard Project Control Document. The standard Projexasia Project Control Document includes:

  • Organisation charts and contacts lists;
  • Communications procedures;
  • Correspondence
  • Instructions
  • Variations and procedures
  • Verbal discussion and formal submissions
  • Samples and catalogues
  • Standard forms;
  • Transmittals
  • Shop Drawing Submission Register
  • Material/Equipment Delivery Schedule
  • Schedule of Builders Work Requirement
  • Request for Information