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Projexasia is a client-focused Main Contracting and Construction Management company also providing Project Management and Management Contracting services. These and other progressive forms of procurement are our tools to achieve the specific combinations of quality, programme and cost required by our clients. Each project is unique and we are committed to personal, professional service.

At the heart of our business is the belief that professionalism, integrity and trust enable the building of long term relationships with our employers and with other team members, including consultants, subcontractors and suppliers. We seek to break down the barriers between design and construction and we encourage all stakeholders to take part in a collaborative process based on effective communication, procedures and contracts. All of this is focused on delivering higher standards of building quality.

It is an ambition which requires team members with expertise, insight and commitment. Projexasia staff are skilled construction professionals with wide experience of successful projects in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region- including prestigious and award-winning residential, commercial, hotel and leisure buildings and interiors. We are equipped to deal with special projects and challenging circumstances, offering a one-stop resource for clients who understand what it takes to achieve high standards in construction.

Projexasia are a Registered General Building Contractor (RGBC) under the Hong Kong Building Ordinance.

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